Shouting in the Wilderness
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We believe that Shouting in the Wilderness is a call for peace wrapped in an entertaining exchange between a young man, a young woman and the struggles they battle with internally. What starts as a boy meet girl scenario veers toward a heated rabbinical debate about God and love. Two world views come head to head over questions like, is the use of violence a part of the Christian religion or is it founded upon, “turn the other cheek”?

The playwright adds an exciting dimension by including the expression of each character’s inner voice, hysterically funny at times, but serious in it’s exploration of personal truthfulness. What do we say out loud and what do keep locked up safe inside of ourselves.

Shouting in the Wilderness will trigger thought, discussion and debate. Using what is sometimes rough yet honest language we believe it will appeal to young and old alike and could be used as an excellent tool in a Bible study class, a theater group, book clubs or for your own personal entertainment.

Stay posted for the listing of future readings and productions.

If you are interested in using the play in a Bible study or want to mount it as a full production, please contact us first at:

info {at} shoutinginthewilderness {dot} com.

For a personal reading we are happy to offer the play free of charge. But donations are warmly appreciated.

We hope you see what we see in this work.


Valley in Woodside, California